Happy Sweet 16! I cannot BELIEVE you’re already so old!!!!! Stay sweet and beautiful. Thank you for knowing me so well that you can always tell me when I’m being stupid, and loving me anyways 😛 I miss you a lot and I hope that I’ll be seeing you around more this year, Love ya tons, and you’re not allowed to grow any taller! xoxox



Happy Birthday big sissy, hehe

I love you too much and you know it. No one can make me laugh as hard as you can, with your witty comments and hilarious impersonations. I love how we can make fun of people together and not even feel guilty 😉 Even though I don’t miss you as much as I should, every time I think about you I wish I was with you. There’s not a dull moment with my Joycee, and the best part is that it will always stay that way. Congrats for completing another crazy year you globe-trotter you! I hope to see you soon in the future, and promise me you won’t be popping out any babies too soon you hear, I can only handle so many nephews at a time! I rubba you so much, Once again, Happy Birthday….ahem, sorry this post is a bit late 😀

– Your Favourite sister, Celeste

yes i’ll get away with saying that

Cute Photo

BE Jealous

Cause I have the most adorable nephews on the planet!!!

Eric Riley

Liam Reife

Happy 21st birthday!

Happy birthday NiNi! Sorry this is a bit late, but I mean it just as much. Wish I could be there and give you a nice big pressie, etc, but I guess I’ll have to settle with this post. So much has changed these last years, and we haven’t seen each other much, but you’ve still been a great and supportive sister. Thank you for always being crazy and speaking your mind. I’m so glad that you’re happy and having fun, although I’m a bit jealous you’re getting snow over there and I’m all left out. Keep in touch more, and I hope you have a year to remember, in a good way.

See you soon, I love you tons. Happy birthday once more!! xoxox


So you Think you Can Dance?

Think Again.

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Yes, I know I never post here or put up exciting pictures….I want that all to change, I really do, however, it’s a big maybe. If only I had a camera! Anyhow, yesterday me and my roomies did the whole kabang and changed rooms. Everything is in an uproar and I’m trying to figure out how to fit all my junk in only two shelves. sigh. On another more stressing note, Christmas is coming, and our dance troop is not coming together! Hopefully we’ll have an unusual snowfall or something to make up for our lacks this Christmas. Seeing that it is November and it’s 27 degrees outside makes that highly unlikely though. Oh well, hope you’re all doing well…..This is what I’m dreaming of